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Information and Analysis of AML Bitcoin Initial Coin Offering

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Description: AML BitCoin is the first AML KYC compliant coin for legitimate financial use on a global scale.Token name and ticker symbol: AML Token / ATKAML BitCoin seeks to find legitimacy with governmental bodies and large financial institutions that require AML KYC verification. With the coming legislation from the US Senate and the EU governance both seeking to end non-AML compliant cryptocurrency use by merchants, this makes AML BitCoin the only cryptocurrency in the world for legitimate use. Backed by governments, used by banks, and billions of dollars in business deals, AML BitCoin is poised for enormous growth.Accepting USD$, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether 200 Million total:76 Million AML Tokens for Public to Purchase9 Million For Current Aten Coin Holders to Exchange for AML BitCoins10 Million NAC Administration Team50 Million Intellectual property licensing and acquisition, bounties for software debugging, employees and consultants55 Million For Decentralized PoW/PoS mining

Our Rating: 91/100

ICO Starts on: 2017-10-06

ICO Ends on: 2017-12-15


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