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2017-10-27 - 2017-11-24
Don’t you ever miss out again! Currently there are more than 1200 Crypto currencies to choose from. How do you know which one is a solid investment? Simple! With Follow Coin you can follow people who were there since the first days of bitcoin. Follow influencers with scorecards and check it against the market and your portfolio. Follow the best performing investors and trade exactly like them with the copy trade feature.

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Follow Coin ICO Review & Analysis:

Follow Coin is the platform where crypto enthusiasts meet experienced crypto traders in an open
and honest environment. Follow Coin connects (beginning) users to experienced traders who
have been active in the cryptocurrency world for years. This makes the cryptocoin world
accessible to everyone!

The Market

The number of people who are interested in diversifying their portfolio with cryptocurrencies is
expanding tremendously. This indicates a lot of new money is flowing into cryptocurrency.
Crypto-trading is the future.

  • An estimated 2.9 million to 5.8 million people are active in the cryptocurrency community.
    This number is still growing each year. [1]
  • Since the beginning of 2016, the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has increased almost 14 times reaching 165 billion in early september 2017 [2].
  • [1] Global crypto benchmarking study :
  • [2] stats :

The platform
Since the learning curve is very steep for new and novice cryptocurrency traders, Follow Coin will
step in to help tackle the difficulties. Major features of the platform are.
Everyone will start out as a Follower, and can later on grow to be an Influencer. A Follower will
be able to follow Influencers to their likings, join groups and participate in the Follow Coin

Influencers form a special part of our ecosystem and Followers can decide whether the trading
style of that particular Influencer suits them.
Influencer Scorecard
Based on the accuracy and frequency of trades given by the trader, the trader scorecard will be
visible to all users and it can be used to determine which Influencers they would like to follow.

Trade Academy
The Trade Academy will support Followers and create original, premium content for the crypto
community with best practices to help both the novice and experienced amateur alike.

Trade Suggestions
Real-time push notifications when a followed Influencer makes an actual trade. The Follower will
then be able to duplicate the trade — a FIT trade — and potentially profit accordingly.

FIT (Follow Influencer Trading)
When a Follower receives a Trade Suggestion based on a trade made by an Influencer, they will
be able to duplicate the trade directly via the mobile app or dashboard.

Followers can automatically FIT any Influencer they like and allocate all or a portion of their funds
for automatic trading.

FLLW rewards
FLLW is the currency for platform functionality. Followers pay to do FIT trades in FLLW and
Influencers receive FLLW if they are successful.

The app
To be a successful trader you constantly need to be up to date on the latest ideas and trends in
the world of cryptocurrencies. The Follow Coin app helps you become a better trader.

  • learn from others with experience in the crypto community
  • get advice from crypto influencers about the hottest cryptocurrencies
  • receive instant notifications when a crypto topic starts to trend
  • view up to date statistics for cryptocurrencies
  • stay up to date on the latest developments of Follow Coin

Token sale
The token sale runs from 2017-10-27 16:00:00 UTC to 2017-11-24 17:00:00 UTC

Distribution breakdown

  • 49% – Public token sale to fund further design and development of system.
  • 18% – Platform maintenance
  • 33% – Retained by Follow Coin

Purchase methods accepted: ETH

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