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Description: Sola is a next-generation, decentralized social media platform that incentivizes and benefits both users and third-party developers, allowing them to build a revenue stream through their own content. The Sola app is built on the Sola open source platform allowing ease of access for audit, improvement, and usage by everyone, with the sole vision to make everyone’s voice louder on this social medium, allowing them to earn revenue at the same time. The Sola ecosystem is powered by the token SOL, a utility token with a monetary function. It enables Sola to split its revenue with users based on the collective decision of other users. Each user earns money based on the information generated and disseminated, earning tokens by creating quality content that is endorsed by other app users. SOL is the only currency used for transactions on the platform. Tokens can also be earned by taking part in the Bounty Development Programs designed to improve the Sola platform and app.Sola uses “cards” instead of the traditional feed format seen in social networks. The user only sees one item of information at a time ensuring a higher user engagement with the content, compared to the feed concept. Sola just released their app on 26 of October 2017 on iOS and Android and everyone can join the Sola ITO that takes place from 27 November – 22 December.

Our Rating: 81/100

ICO Starts on: 2017-11-27

ICO Ends on: 2017-12-22


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