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Description: SportyFi - Decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem. Professional sport today has a high entry barrier - both for athletes as well as for small investors. Especially up-and-coming athletes at the outset of their professional careers face a lot of issues when it comes to funding their training and participation in events across the globe. The same goes for many sports clubs and other sports organizations which face severe financial and liquidity issues.


ICO Starts on: 2017-11-21

ICO Ends on: 2017-12-08


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SportyFi will remove these barriers and consequently change financing in the sports industry by deploying a blockchain-based financing platform, serving athletes, clubs and other sports organizations, in raising the funds required to achieve athletic success.

SportyFi will enable a wider community to invest in sport, an industry worth USD 620 billion with constant growth. By disrupting the existing model for financing participants in sport, SportyFi will allow the sports community to raise funds globally and will open a new chapter in the sports industry. To achieve this, SportyFi will launch the SportyFi Smart Manager platform and the SportyFi Professional Fund.

SportyFi‘s Smart Manager Platform will enable donations, detailed sponsorship smart contracts of various types, as well as complex investment smart contracts, where an athlete, a club or another sports organization will offer a long-term deal for a share of their future income or other revenue stream in exchange for an upfront investment.

SportyFi will offer athletes, sports clubs and other sports organizations a blockchain-based platform, where they will be able to connect with potential investors and raise the required funds to achieve the goals they’ve set.

SportyFi’s Token Crowdsale will also allocate a part of the funds raised to a special SportyFi Professional Fund. The fund will invest in those athletes with the greatest potential in exchange for future return, based on, for example, prize money, image rights, transfer fees, and other rights of an athlete, depending on the type of sport. A team of sports industry advisors and professionals with a proven track record will analyze and select those athletes with the greatest potential to invest in, facilitating growth of the fund and the whole SportyFi ecosystem.

By setting up the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform and SportyFi Professional Fund, we will provide the sports and investment community a healthy ecosystem with a huge growth potential. The ecosystem will enable investors to harness and monetize the athletic potential of up-and-coming stars – who, until now, often didn’t have the means to finance their career.To ensure a long-term viability of the platform we will set up several revenue streams, enabling a healthy ROI to our investors while at the same time ensure the platform’s usability to athletes. While the primary means of monetization is the commission on transactions on the platform, we will also provide premium services to athletes, clubs and sporting organizations, enabling them a better presence on the platform both through better content as well as with paid reach.

The SportyFi Professional Fund will provide the platform with an additional layer of liquidity as well as revenue.The SPF token will be the primary means of transactions on our platform. It will be used both for investing in athletes (and crowdsourcing donations) as well as other transactions on the platform—which includes paid advertising, paid reach and other premium services offered.

The SPF token will be listed on several exchanges to integrate it into the wider crypto ecosystem.Our ecosystem is already being set up: a dedicated team of developers is working on the SportyFi Smart Manager platform as we speak and are on schedule for a Q1 2018 launch. We are in the process of securing notable names from the field of professional sport as launch partners. We are also dedicated to transparency—we will regularly share details of these developments and other relevant information with the SportyFi community to keep our investors and supporters as up to date as possible, and will provide several mechanisms to integrate a community decision-making process in the platform.

Headline Figures:
  • Token Crowdsale starts on 14th November 2017
  • Investment can be made in ETH only
  • SportyFi will be creating a total of up to 200,000,000 tokens
  • Hard Cap $16,000,000 USD• 10% bonus available to:
  • Participants who contribute within first 72hrs
  • Participants who contribute >100ETHToken distribution:
  • Up to 134,000,000 SPF Tokens (67%) will be distributed to the contributors in the SPF Token Crowdsale
  • Up to 36,000,000 SPF Tokens (18%) will be distributed to the Founders and Team
  • Up to 20,000,000 SPF Tokens (10%) will be distributed to the Advisors and Ambassadors
  • Up to 10,000,000 SPF Tokens (5%) are intended for future incentives for fast growth (i.e. future strategic partnerships)

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